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QC, Edison. Ripers


PART II (1879-1886)

Thomas E. Jeffrey Microfilm Editor and Associate Director

Paul B. Israel Assistant Editor

Mary Ann Hellrigel Douglas G. Tarr

David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg Editorial Associates

Leonard DeGraaf John Deasey

Joseph P. Sullivan Barbara B. Tomblin

Alan Stein Jacquelyn Miller

Karen Kozak Maria Antonakakis

Student Assistants

Keith A. Nier Assistant Editor

Reese V. Jenkins Director and Editor

Sponsors Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site New Jersey Historical Commission Smithsonian Institution

University Publications of America Frederick, Maryland 1987

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company.

Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers, The State University endorsed by

National Historical Publications and Records Commission 18 June 1981

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Reese V. Jenkins Director and Editor

Thomas E. Jeffrey Associate Director and Microfilm Editor

Assistant Editors Research Associates Paul B. Israel Douglas G. Tarr Robert A. Rosenberg . Mary Ann Hellrigel Keith A. Nier David W. Hutchings Andrew Buttrica

Assistant to the Director Secretary Helen Endick Grace Kurkowski

Student Assistants Leonard DeGraaf Joseph P. Sullivan Alan Stein Karen Kozak Jacquelyn Miller Granville Miller


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Edward J. Bloustein T. Alexander Pond Tilden G. Edelstein John Gillis New Jersey Historical Commission Bernard Bush Howard L. Green

National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site Roy W. Weaver Edward J. Pershey Smithsonian Institution Bernard Finn Arthur P. Molella


James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology Alfred D. Chandler, Je., Harvard University Neil Harris, University of Chicago Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania Arthur Link, Princeton University Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution Robert E. Schofield, lowa State University


William C. Hittinger (chairman), RCA Corporation Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of NJ. Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund Philip F. Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T

PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Charles Edison Fund

The Hyde and Watson Foundation Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Alabama Power Company

Amerada Hess Corporation


Atlantic Electric

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation

The Boston Edison Foundation

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies

available. Every technical.

effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.

sg a te Ss i lee eae aay


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. im lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.





D-80-048 through D-80-049 ("Telephone - Foreign - Europe” through "Telephone - Foreign - United Kingdom")

1880. Telephone - Foreign - Europe (D-80-048)

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, incorporation Papers, and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Telephone Company of Europe, Ltd. and the Societe du Telephone Edison. Many documents concern the negotiations among the Edison companies and their competitors that led to the establishment of the Societe Generale des Telephones in 1880. Much of the correspondence is by Theodore Puskas, Edison's agent for Continental Europe, and by Joshua F, Bailey, the European representative of the Western Electric Manufacturing Company. Some of the correspondence is in the form of cable messages to and from "Heraclite," a code name used by Bailey. Related material can be found in the Edison Telephone Company of Europe Minute Book (Company Records Series).

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of selected documents.

Blank No, 1


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R. BREWER, Bec’y. A : WILLIAM ORTON, Pres't.

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D ental D e007,



Dental Cobdmos, A MONTHLY JOURNAL. Chestnut Street, Corner of Twelfth.

Pr, oe Yog, 22.50, in ,ave™

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NORVIN GREEN, President,

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‘A. ®. "BREWER, Beoly. NORVIN GREEN, President.



ELS. Ww pv es

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Dental Lasmes,

A Monthly Journal,

Dental Devot,

Fee, $2.00, in ads? 98! res Sfreat, Corner Twelfth.

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